Unsize Fits All


Unsize Fits All

A mobile app and smart hanger system that ensures ease of finding the right fit.

The Challenge

It is often very difficult for people to find the right clothing fit when shopping online or offline. Brands use sizing more as a marketing tool rather than an indicator of it as seen with vanity sizing. A person might be a different size at different stores or even at the same store. Sizing also ties with how one views his/herself and often leads to negative viewing of self. We believe that the future of sizing is no sizing at all but the experience of finding the right fit should be with ease and dignified.


Defined the scope of the problem and overall solution with fellow teammates Jenny Fan and Julie Loiland.

Designed the physical hanger that houses the electronics.

The solution

We believe sizing is outdated and the future of retail will focus on optimizing for better clothing fit with hyper-personal retail experiences. We created a system that has three main components to create ease in finding the right fit.


Hanger lights up when a shopper is near an item that is in the right fitting interval.


Each user can have his/her own color when browsing through the store.

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